Our brand identity

The Every Can Counts Brand

At the outset developing a strong brand was seen as fundamental to the success of the Every Can Counts programme.

The Every Can Counts visuals and messaging are designed to be both eye catching and a ‘call to action’. Essentially the name Every Can Counts promotes the belief that no action is too insignificant to make a difference.  Campaign messages are simple but powerful – ‘a can to a can in sixty days’ and ‘infinitely recyclable’ are used to underpin the unique sustainability of the beverage can.

A key value to the brand is to ensure that consumers get exactly the same messages wherever they are.  The steering group encourages close co-operation between the individual countries, and managers meet twice a year to share ideas, experiences and best practice.  Brand assets, artwork and images are shared via a central website to ensure consistency and cost-efficiency.

Exploring opportunities for closer cross-boundary collaboration for campaigns, events and brand partnerships will be a focus for the programme as the network grows.

The Every Can Counts brand name and associated logo, and all translations, is a registered Community Trademark in the European Union. Registered Community Trademark number 010099125.

The Every Can Counts mark is owned and managed by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation Ltd, based in the UK.

If you need additional information please contact us for advice and information about using the brand or working with the Every Can Counts programme.



"Coherent communications materials facilitate a multiplier effect, reinforcing the brand as stakeholders see our messages in different countries"

Caroline Archer, Chair European Management Committee