Every Can Counts is an industry initiative to encourage consumers to recycle beverage cans used outside the home.

The programme focuses on encouraging recycling in two main areas – workplaces and places where people are ‘on the go’. It engages consumers through its vibrant branding and innovative approach to recycling communications.

Developed in the United Kingdom and launched in 2009 there are now twelve licensed country programmes in operation and 2017 will see the Every Can Counts network expand further with the addition in July 2017 of Belgium and Poland.

Since its inception, Every Can Counts has clearly demonstrated the metal packaging industry’s commitment to invest in programmes to drive behavioural change and maximise recycling performance. As the network of programmes has developed successful partnerships have been established with local authorities, collection partners and major retail and drinks brands.

Eight years on from its launch Europe can boast an expanding, cohesive recycling programme whose impact extends beyond its primary metal packaging focus.

"As a brand, supported by manufacturers, reprocessors and brands, promoting recycling in a consistent way across Europe, Every Can Counts is unique – no other material sector operates a similar campaign"

Caroline Archer, Chair, European Management Committee


The Every Can Counts programme was born in the United Kingdom out of a desire to target the estimated 30% of drink cans consumed away from home: those not captured by municipal, domestic recycling schemes.

In 2008, a unique partnership* came together to develop a three-year trial to test the barriers and drivers to setting up and running successful recycling schemes in the away from home sector.

Originally focused on drink cans consumed in workplaces – offices, canteens and universities – the programme provided branded collection containers and materials to enable employers to start, or reinvigorate, a recycling scheme. As the national organisation promoting aluminium packaging recycling Alupro was able to put new recyclers in touch with a local service provider if required. With information and materials available to download from its website Every Can Counts was a ‘one stop shop’ to help organisations easily get recycling and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.


Early workplace adopters included Jaguar Land Rover and national retailers ASDA, John Lewis Partnership and Waitrose. Linking with such well- known organisations provided opportunities to quickly raise the profile of the programme. Bournemouth Council became the first organisation to trial Every Can Counts ‘on the go’, using can crushers located on the busy seafront. In 2010, Every Can Counts made its first appearance at a music festival, launching promotional activities to support on-site recycling at both the Isle of Wight and V festivals.


In 2010 the model developed in the United Kingdom was replicated in France and Austria and now, eight years on from its launch, Every Can Counts has successfully established itself as the umbrella brand for promoting drinks can recycling outside the home, with versions running in Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and Serbia. The programme is due to launch in Belgium and Poland in 2017, totaling a presence in 12 European countries!

In 2016 more than


people have been reached by the Every Can Counts messaging, and there are over


branded collection points in place across Europe.Together the country programmes have been present in a total of


event days, and this momentum shows no sign of slowing down.